Mar 13, 2017

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Spring Forward to 33


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When I was a kid, I loved watching the X-Men cartoons. My favorite characters were Rogue and Storm. I’ve never had the physical strength of either, but this past year I started taking after their hair pigmentation. I call them my wisdom strands. I’m just praying that I continue to favor Rogue and not Storm in that sense (you gotta watch X-Men to know what I’m talking about lol). So, this is officially my last week of being 32. On Saturday, I will enter the third year of my thirties. And, other than a few “wisdom strands” here, there, there, and there, it hasn’t been that bad. It’s been quite excellent if I do say so myself. I’m loving my thirties much better than my twenties. I’ve spent less time trying to figure who I am and more time being who I am. And, God has been my gracious Shepherd through it all.

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This year is definitely going to be a different breed of animal. I can already tell that it’s going to demand a lot of boldness out of me. Just the thought of that would be scary if I were responsible for producing said boldness, but thank God that’s the Holy Spirit’s specialty. He will be the manufacturer of the boldness that stirs on the inside of me and overflows from my life…My favorite book of the Bible is Acts. It seems like every time the apostles did something outrageously bold the Holy Spirit was mentioned. So glad He’s on my team! #squad

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I was telling God the other day that I’m so amazed by His timing. I had been praying about my purpose for years, and within the past year, God started revealing it to me piece by piece. Then, about a month ago He showed me everything. No lie, I was intimidated by it but, at the same time, overjoyed that He chose me. What I later realized was that God had to wait for just the right time to tell me. Had He told me sooner, I wouldn’t have been ready for the knowledge. I would’ve spent years running away from my purpose (out of fear) instead of running towards my purpose (out of faith). God had to get my heart in the the right position (He had to mold me) so I could be strong enough to receive the vision of what He created me to do…Honestly, sometimes I still don’t feel strong enough, but I’m learning that’s to be expected. God helped build me to have strength to receive the vision, BUT He intends to be my strength to complete the vision. My strength is obsolete, so I shouldn’t be discouraged by it. I just need to keep looking to Him.

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One of my favorite passages in the Bible is Romans 4:18-21. It gets me so fired up! It speaks of the type of faith that Abraham had while believing God for his promised child. The reason why I love this passage so much is because it describes what faith looks like. Faith keeps believing when there is no reason for hope (everything you see opposes what you believe), and faith can actually growth stronger, not weaker, during hopeless times. Faith is not moved by the visible but is firmly grounded in God’s word. Faith believes because God said it, and faith doesn’t change its mind because God doesn’t change His mind. That’s the kind of faith I want. No more fair-weather faith…Once heard someone say, “If you want more faith, then, you need to get more Word.” #sotrue


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One final thought to add to all my randomness (lol): God has started maturing love in me. I feel like my love had been stuck in the “terrible teens” for years. That just made me think of the Toys-R-Us song: “I don’t wanna grow up. I’m a Toys-R-Us kid…” Well, I guess you can say I had “Toys-R-Us Love.” Its growth was stunted and it possessed the qualities of a child, but God is helping me to put away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11). It doesn’t always feel good to love like a grown-up (adulting is hard), but it brings me joy knowing that I’m growing up to be more like my Daddy.


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I’ve been blessed with another year & can’t wait to see what it holds! #MovingForward #SpringForward #Leggo #Vamonos **G.I.G.**

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