Nov 4, 2015

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Pursuing Purity


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Hello! I have something special for you today – a video! Today’s video is on purity, and in this video, I discuss what purity is and how to maintain it. So, definitely check out today’s video. Enjoy! **G.I.G.**
P.S. – Check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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    Hey Melissa

    i have spent the past three hours watching your video clips on you-tube.
    I thank the Lord for ordering me to your documentary, I was searching Pureflix for clean movies and i realised that Pureflix was streaming in my country (South Africa).
    That’s how found you documentary, under “love waits”.

    your content and testimony has really helped inspired me to press on, and stand. more especially this video “pursuing purity”, that’s battle and heading to victory and freedom thanks to your obedience and the Lord’s convictions as i was listening and giggling along.

    you are a girl with a sharpened sword.

    keep it up and keep seeking.
    thank you.


    • Wow! You have no idea how much your comments have blessed me. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your feedback! God is truly good!!…Keep pressing on. It may seem close to impossible at times, but whenever you get weary, remember God is right by your side and He longs to be your strength. He is everything you need :-)