Mar 24, 2014

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Best Birthday Ever


Image 1

Hey loves! I finally got some pics together from my birthday, and I want to share the awesome memories with you! Where should I start?! The whole weekend was amazing! My loved ones really out-did themselves, and they did a great job of keeping everything a surprise. I enjoyed every minute!


I guess I’ll start with that Friday. My best friend picked me up that evening and took me to Andretti’s. Some other friends joined us and we had dinner, did a little zip-lining, and go-cart racing :-)

SAM 2226


SAM 2232

Mike = Laughter

SAM 2234


SAM 2233


SAM 2243


SAM 2245

My bro 

SAM 2249

Suiting up for zip-lining!

SAM 2256

It was a struggle trying to get my hair to fit underneath that helmet! Big head + Big hair = ill-fitting helmet!

SAM 2257

…could hardly see. #theStruggle #lol

SAM 2264 0


SAM 2268


Photo 2

Who knew you could get so much volume after taking off a helmet?! ;-)

Photo 1


Photo 4

My sweet Damola


Photo 5

Love this girl to pieces! She’s an amazing friend.


Day 2 started off with a kickboxing class in the morning…felt more like BOOTCAMP. The instructor was like the Energizer Bunny on steroids! Had so much fun, though!

SAM 2272


SAM 2274

Photo bombed by the “Energizer Bunny”

SAM 2277



After a good workout, we did brunch at West Egg Cafe…All I have to say is DELICIOUS!!!

SAM 2279

My sis

SAM 2281


SAM 2282


SAM 2283

Banana Nut Bread French Toast…Mmm mmm mm!

SAM 2284



Then, a few hours later, my friends took me to a pottery class! #SoCool

SAM 2296


SAM 2300

We didn’t get to work with the pottery wheel (that’ll be next time), but we make some pretty cool mugs.

SAM 2301


SAM 2303

 Mine is the one w/ the hearts and music notes :-)



After the pottery class, I cleaned up, and I was escorted to Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint. OMG! I LOVED that place! Anyone who knows me knows that I adore live music (especially jazz), and the live band there was AWESOME! The band played everything from Chaka Khan to The Emotions to Stevie Wonder. I absolutely LOVED it!…and the food was great too!

SAM 2312

These ladies worked so hard to make sure I had a great birthday. I’m so blessed to have them in my life!

Me  Sandra

The beautiful Sandra & I

Me  Latrice

 With my girl, Latrice

SAM 2317

Love me some Linette! She always keeps me laughing :-)

SAM 2319


SAM 2326

Snohti & Linette

SAM 2324

I enjoyed the band so much that I video taped just about every song…If you ever go to Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint, make sure to go when Regina Troupe is performing!

SAM 2328

Crab Cakes #theTruth #SoGood




IMG 0368



Wrapping up at the Juke Joint was the saddest part of the evening. It was time to say goodbye. One by one, my friends all gave me a hug and went their separate ways. I had so much fun. I didn’t want it to be over! Little did I know, it wasn’t over…My best friend drove me around town for about an hour as we immersed ourselves in great conversation (I love our talks). Then, the next thing I know, we parked at a hotel in Buckhead. As she opened the door to our suite, familiar faces greeted me at the door and said, “Welcome to Jamaica!” My friends decorated the room to look like a tropical island. They even setup four big, artificial palm trees! And, I remember Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” was playing as I walked through the door…It was AMAZING!
SAM 2340


SAM 2344


SAM 2339


SAM 2374


SAM 2375
We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking and laughing. We had a blast!


All in all, this was the best birthday I’ve ever had. I’m somewhat of a low-key person. I love to celebrate others, but I tend to stray away from the spotlight when it’s my turn. BUT I must say being celebrated felt great! My friends took the time to plan a weekend filled with quirky events that were sure to put a smile on my face. And, my best friend was the mastermind behind it all!…This is how I know prayer works: I always wanted a sister, and God blessed me with Jess. I love you so much! **G.I.G.**

IMG 0340


P.S. – Here’s a quick video recap of the weekend…I didn’t edit the video. I just slapped it together. LoL!

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