Oct 27, 2013

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Natural Hair Routine & Updates 2013


2013 Natural Hair Routine  Update1


Happy Sunday!! I finally did an updated natural hair routine video. So, check out this video to see what’s new, and hopefully you’ll learn a few things too! **G.I.G.**

P.S. – Here’s the info from the description bar:



Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture (detangler)
As I Am Coconut CoWash (cleansing conditioner)
KBB Luscious Locks Hair Mask (DC)
Aubrey Naturals’ Honeysuckle Rose (DC)
Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner (leave-in) – contains water soluble silicones
ApHogee’s Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor (protein boost)
KBB Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo (reset button)
Coconut Oil (sealant)
Argon Oil Eco Styler Gel (styler)

Sprite Shower Filter: http://goo.gl/CUsrz3

Water Soluble Silicones: http://www.curlynikki.com/2012/08/water-soluble-silicones-101.html

Humidity – Silicones vs Coconut Oil:

http://www.curlynikki.com/2012/02/how-can-i-test-my-hair-porosity.html                                                                http://www.kinksarethenewpink.com/2013/05/getting-kinky-5-ways-to-control-natural-hair-in-humid-weather.html

Previous Videos:
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Video Briefly Discussing Porosity – http://youtu.be/1FzezQW13io

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