Sep 24, 2013

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Sunset Over Sun Dial


IMG 7688


Hey guys! This is going to be a food/style/look-what-I-did-over-the-weekend post :-)  On Sunday, a couple of my girlfriends and I had dinner at The Sun Dial restaurant, which is located on the 72nd floor of the Westin hotel in downtown Atlanta. We arrived just before sunset, so we got to witness breath-taking views as the sun bid the sky adieu. And, in addition to the gorgeous scenery, the floor beneath our table slowly rotated as we ate so we were able to see the city from different angles without ever having to leave the table.


 IMG 7669


 IMG 7678


IMG 7680

…and, if that wasn’t enough, the food was delicious! 


IMG 7696


IMG 7698

I ordered the pan seared salmon, and it was scrumptious! Mmm mmm!


IMG 7683

And, the night would not have been nearly as enjoyable without my friends, LaTrice…


IMG 7684

…and Shanique.  


IMG 7671

Lastly, check me out! This is what I wore: A tangerine colored cutout dress with a yellow clutch, tan suede heels, and gold accessories. I actually bought this dress at the beginning of Summer, but never wore it because I felt like I didn’t have anywhere nice to go in it…that is until Sunday :-)


IMG 7704


IMG 7706


IMG 7709



IMG 7701

 I loved every minute of my night at The Sun Dial, and I cannot wait to go back. **G.I.G.**

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