Aug 5, 2013

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No Place Like Home


IMG 0110


I don’t know about you guys, but I had a fabulous weekend! And, it was all because I went back home to Savannah. Although I love my new place of residence, there’s no place like home. I honestly didn’t know how homesick I was until I was immersed in the city. I missed knowing where I was going at all times (no GPS required); I missed the radio stations; I missed the standard 15-20min commute; and, most importantly, I missed all the smiling faces of my loved-ones…It felt good to be home.

IMG 0106

Although I spent much of my time making my rounds, I did have time to take pics of one of my “homecoming” outfits. It was extremely comfortable, and simply cute.

IMG 0117

IMG 0111

I absolutely love these wedge sneakers!

IMG 0114

IMG 0119

IMG 0109

IMG 0108

 Dress: Just Love (Ross) / Shoes: Zigi Soho / Blazer: GAP / Scarf: Target / Earrings: Francesca’s


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  • Dolly

    WE MISS YOU!! It was so nice to see you! See ya soon! We have to get some football tickets! <3 you!

    • I MISS Y’ALL TOO!! Loved hangin’ w/ you! And, yes, we gotta decide which game we’re gonna go to. Can’t wait! :-D