Mar 15, 2013

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2 Years Relaxer Free




Hi guys! Happy Friday, and Happy Relaxer-Free Anniversary to me! Yes, it’s been 2 years since my last relaxer, and I must say I haven’t missed it one bit. And, that’s what I’m going to talk about today: What I don’t miss about relaxers!

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal feelings. In no way, shape, or form am I slamming anyone who uses relaxers. Do what works for you.

Why I DON’T Miss Relaxers:

1. I Don’t Miss the Breakage: When I was relaxed, I felt as though I had to keep my hair cut in a bob if I wanted it to look full and healthy. Whenever I tried to grow it out, it looked so feeble & frail. Also, my ends were “see-through,” because I constantly struggled with breakage.

2. I Don’t Miss the Burning: Don’t you dare scratch your scalp on perm day, or else there will be “Hell” to pay. No, really. It literally fells like Hell is burning on top of your head. LoL! It seemed like my scalp itched the most on perm day. But, instead of scratching my scalp, I would walk around patting my head in hopes that it would soothe the itch. And, even if I didn’t scratch my head, the relaxer still burned, and I had to sit through the discomfort of a burning scalp if I wanted a “good perm.” And, don’t get me started on the scabs. Nothing worse than finding miscellaneous scabs on your head. Lord knows I have some horror stories about that!

3. I Don’t Miss the Dandruff: It may have just been me, but relaxers gave me bad dandruff. I’m talking snowflakes for days!

4. I Don’t Miss Thin Hair: Relaxers thinned my hair out so bad! Sometimes my hair looked down right stringy…hated that!

5. I Don’t Miss Not Being Able to Do What I Want When I Want: I couldn’t go swimming. I couldn’t walk in the rain. I couldn’t wear my hair out if it was humid. I couldn’t go to the gym (didn’t wanna sweat out my perm)!

6. I Don’t Miss Dreading New Growth: When I was relaxed, new growth messed up everything, because I had to worry about blending it with my relaxed hair until it was time to get another relaxer. Subsequently, all new growth got “Christened” with heat as soon as it popped up.

7. I Don’t Miss the Addiction: I know a lot people call relaxers “creamy crack,” but it’s true! I had to get my “fix” every 6 weeks. It was almost like bondage. And, in a sense, I felt like there was something wrong with my hair “as-is” so I had to “cure it.” As soon as enough new growth came in, I “treated it” with chemicals…it made me feel good about myself.


As you can see, my memories of the relaxed days aren’t good ones. The only reason I kept my hair relaxed for so long was because I felt like I had to…if I wanted to feel pretty. In my mind, the above listed complaints were just the “cost of beauty.” I’m glad I finally figured out that I don’t have to pay those “costs” in order to feel and be beautiful. **G.I.G.**

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