Feb 27, 2013

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One Size Love




Some may say, “I’m not sure if Jesus’ love is the perfect size for me. I carry most of my sin in this spot as opposed to that spot.” To that I would reply, “His love is the perfect fit for you; Jesus’ love is one-size fits all.” So, no matter the “size” of your sin or the “area” of your sin, His love is “flex-fit;” It “covers all.”



Hey guys! I intended to have this style post up last week, but due to unforeseen delays, it’s up this week. I think it worked out great, though. This is the perfect outfit to close out Love Month!



Today’s outfit is a 2-in-1: Day to Night. When paired with a blazer, this dress can be worn to work. And, after work, just take off the jacket for a sassier look; perfect for a dinner date!



Red heart these shoes!





I’ve never been one to like form-fitting dresses, but all my hard work in the gym has changed my mind!



This dress is another creation of my seamstress and me. The first two dress designs didn’t work out, but I’m more than pleased with the final outcome…and I love the fabric!



Dress: A.V. Foster / Blazer & Clutch: GAP / Shoes: Charlotte Russe / Earrings: Forever 21 / Bracelet: Gift


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