Jan 11, 2013

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My New Shoes




I’ve never been one to splurge on shoes, or any kind of apparel for that matter (this chick is a bargain shopper), but yesterday was different. I was in desperate need of new running shoes, and my flat-footedness made it difficult to just run in Foot Locker and do eenie-meenie-miney-mo. You see, that’s how I picked out my last pair of running shoes, which subsequently led to painful workouts at my feet’s expense. And, since I’m more active now and I already experience enough soreness during workouts, I decided to invest in some nice shoes.

My “Pursuit of Nice Shoes” led me to “Fleet Feet,” a specialty sportswear store. I was greeted by Joe as soon as I walked in the door (he was a wealth of information). After discovering what I was looking for, he took me over to a treadmill and informed me that he needed to find out how much my ankles pronate first. Pronation refers to the natural side-to-side movement of the foot as you walk or run. The foot rolls a bit inward with each step, and with the correct gait should begin to roll outward with the toe-off.

Here’s a photo to give you a better idea of what pronation is (the foot on the right is “neutral”/straight & the foot on the left is “over-pronating” because it’s leaning inward):



There was a video camera attached to the treadmill, and, after reviewing the footage, Joe used some software on his laptop to determine how much my ankles lean inward when walking. My right leg pronates about 170 degrees and my left 172 degrees, which is normal/average (Neutral is 180 degrees). Why is this important? My level of pronation determines how much shoe support is needed.






Once we were done with the treadmill, Joe took me over to the shoe wall and showed me the shoes that would work best for me (based on the information he gathered). I tried on 4 great pairs of shoes, but I fell head over heels for the last pair, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. They felt amazing, they were lightweight, and I loved the colors! I was sold!





TIP: When purchasing running shoes, Joe always suggests going up half a shoe size to have extra room in the front, so your toes won’t brush against/bump the tip of the shoe when running or walking (this can cause soreness). Great suggestion!

And, I actually got a chance to try out my new shoes last night in the gym. My trainer was overjoyed! She could see a difference in my performance on the treadmill, and she noticed that I didn’t struggle with my balance as much while doing lunges…My new shoes were totally worth it!  **G.I.G.**


Shoe Progress

P.S. – Here’s a photo of my old & new shoes. The Saucony sneakers are super old (they’re from my high school days), but I turned them into my walking shoes a few years ago. “Unfortunately,” my walking partner, at the time, told me they weren’t a good look & she thought they might be a turnoff to the cute guys walking around the lake. As a result, I bought the New Balance last year (LoL). Those shoes definitely looked better, but they hurt! So, I went back to the Sauconys a couple weeks ago, but Abei (my trainer) clowned me so bad! She called them “Dusties” (I prefer to call ‘em “Old Faithful” – we’ve been through a lot together). She said I needed to purchase new running shoes ASAP, because she was going to have me running more on the treadmill and my “Dusties” weren’t gonna cut it!…So, that’s the story behind my shoes.

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