Dec 12, 2012

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Gift Ideas for Girls With Curls


Curly Hair


It’s officially Christmas season, which means shopping, shopping, shopping! Since it can be difficult to figure out what to buy your loved-ones, I thought I’d help you out with the natural/curly girls on your list. Here’s some suggestions that they’re sure to love!…some of these items are on my wish list too.



Microfiber Towels – these towels are great because they’re not as abrasive as traditional towels, which means less frizz!

Satin Pillowcase – a girl can never have enough satin pillowcases. Unlike cotton, satin is not a moisture vampire; it helps you to retain your hair’s moisture.

Goody Headbands – these babies come in handy as accessories and/or hair ties.

Diffuser – this is a blow-dryer attachment, which is great for adding volume or drying your hair without disturbing your curls.

Scarves – always makes a cute hair accessory (especially if you’re having a bad hair day)….Click here for another website, but they’re really pricey.



Karen’s Body Beautiful Luscious Locks Hair Mask – the BEST deep conditioner…I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Hooded Drier – Great for setting hairstyles

Flat Iron (w/ Heat Protectant system) – this flat iron is awesome because it releases a heat protectant while you style. I first heard about it via one of my favorite YouTubers. Click here to see her video.

Steam Rollers – this is a quick and easy way to achieve big, bouncy curls.

Curlformers – these rollers create smooth, seamless spirals with or without heat! Click here the see the hairstyle I created with Curlformers.

Huetiful Steamer – Since girls with curly hair experience more dryness, steamers are ideal because they aid in providing intense moisture. For more info, click here.

Filtered Shower Head – this is great because it removes any hazardous chemicals from your shower water, and a lot of curly girls wash their hair in the shower. Here’s an excerpt from an article on the benefits of having a shower head filter:

A shower head filter will also help enhance one’s natural beauty. Not only is chlorine incredibly damaging to the internal parts of the body, it is also as damaging to the outside of the body. Chlorine can cause the skin to become dry and damaged. Damaged skin can cause aging and wrinkles, lose its natural moisture and can cause skin rashes. The use of a shower head filter can prevent the need for expensive moisturizers and lotions.

Chlorine will also dry hair out. By using a shower head filter hair will stay more moisturized, prevent static electricity, prevent split-ends, tangles, and color in color-treated hair will last longer.

After using a shower head filter in a matter of days it is easy to notice the difference it makes in hair and skin. Hair will become shinier, more manageable and sometimes the hair will begin to “heal” itself from the damage that chlorine had caused prior. The skin will have a natural glow as well as be less dry and for some, itchy. Elasticity to the skin may begin to return that was once lost because of the drying effect chlorine can have…Click here to read the entire article.

That’s it for my gift suggestions! I hope this list gave you some ideas…Happy Shopping! **G.I.G.**

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