Dec 28, 2012

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End 2012 In Style




I cannot say it enough, this year flew by! It seems like just last week when we were count downing to 2012, and now we’re merely days away from 2013. The more I “mature” in age, the faster time flies. When I was a kid, it seemed like it took FOREVER for me to grow up (I couldn’t turn 18 fast enough)! Any who, I don’t want to get off track. The purpose of this post is to share with you guys a few of my outfits that didn’t make it on the blog (well, until now). I decided to clean out my WoW Style inventory before year’s end. No use in saving these pics when I’m only going to take a bunch of new pics in 2013!



March 2012


These pictures were taken before I started the blog (I wanted to stock up on content so I wouldn’t run out of things to post after a week). I liked the outfit; I just never posted it for some reason. “Ironically,” I ended up having so much content when I started the blog that I think this one just slipped through the cracks Smile







October 2012


This is an outfit I wore one Saturday and wanted to photograph, but had no one to take the pics for me. Unfortunately, this was when my tripod was falling apart (before I bought the new one), so the pictures didn’t turn out as nicely as I would’ve liked (these are some of the “better” pics). Needless to say, this outfit didn’t make it on the blog due to technical difficulties…I liked the outfit, though!









November 2012


I LOVED this outfit. It kinda put me in the mind of the “Golden Girls.” Maybe it’s because the skirt is a Granny-Downs.











December 2012


If I could paint a picture of my ideal outfit, this would be it. Although I LOVE wearing cute dresses & sassy heels, I’m a “Converse & Jeans Girl” at heart. This outfit is simple, but it’s so awesome (in my book) because it’s casual but then the accessories take it up a few notches…P.S. – I was having an AMAZING hair day!












photo (5)

You can probably tell this was an impromptu “photo shoot.” This is the outfit I wore Sunday (12/23). It was super cute, but I didn’t plan on taking pics for the blog. I couldn’t resist taking at LEAST one pic w/ my phone, though Smile…I got several of compliments on the skirt, but guess where it came from….Goodwill. Yep! I’m definitely going to hit up more thrift stores in 2013!


photo (6)

Okay, that’s it for my 2012 WoW Style pics. I hope you guys have enjoyed all my style posts this year. I’m not a fashionista (by any means). I just like to look cute! And, my sense of style is always changing and growing, so I am elated about 2013; it’s only going to get better!…P.S. – the above pictures were taken while I was waiting on my step-dad to come out of Wal-Mart (yes, I take pictures when I bored). LoL! The reason I posted these pics is to share that I’ve simply fallen in love with red lipstick! It certainly was a great finishing touch to many of my looks in 2012. And, I plan on having red lips in 2013 as well, but I’m going to experiment with some more bold colors. If red is this fun, other colors must be SPECTACULAR! Can’t wait! **G.I.G.**

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