Nov 17, 2012

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Healthy Living – Update 3


Effective last Saturday this journey became REAL . It’s no longer a Fischer Price thing (i.e. “play-play”); it’s FOR REAL! Sooooo, I finally had my strength training session with Abei, my trainer, last Saturday. And, the first word that comes to mind is “ouch!” First, let me say prior to last Saturday, I started my cardio workouts again (my wisdom teeth recovery period took a little longer than expected, so I took a couple weeks off). Here are some photos of me in the gym (happier times. LoL):

Gym Photos

I even had enough time to smile, wave, and pose! LoL!

When I set foot in the gym with Abei, playtime was over! At the beginning of our session, I think I was a little cocky. Yeah, I think my pride was on level 10. I was like, “I got this! What?! You want me to do 3 reps of 10? Why not 15?!” All I can say is 10 minutes in I started feeling pains in my chest. Apparently I was winded (I wasn’t familiar with that feeling)! And, my pride dropped from a level 10 to a –10! I started talking to Jesus and praying. I also asked the Holy Spirit for some comfort! LORD HAVE MERCY! I even tried to play the sympathy card. I thought maybe if I whimpered enough she’d feel sorry for me and let me go home. NOPE, didn’t work!! And, you know what came back to haunt me? That picture I put up on my previous update (my waist goal)! Abei was like if that’s what you want, I’m gonna give it to you!

In all sincerity, Abei and I had fun. Yeah, we had fun laughing at my pain. LoL! And, speaking of pain, AFTERWARDS my body was sore for days. My muscles had hurt feelings for at least a good 4-days straight. BUT, it motivated me, and made me ecstatic about the payoff! OH YES!  So, this week I worked out 3 times, and then I met with Abei again this morning. I must say it wasn’t that bad. It still was a challenge, but I didn’t feel like I was about to die! Plus, I had a workout partner this week, which made it better. Last week it was just me and Abei. And, you know what topped it off? I had some music! I played Pandora from my phone, and Jonathan Nelson’s “My Name is Victory” was the first song that came blazing through the speakers. It was the perfect motivation to keep going!


Oh, and this is my new phone wallpaper (the photo I was talking about before/my waist goal). I glanced at it periodically during my workout this morning to keep me pumped!


Pic of HeyFranHey


Lastly, for you guys who are on Instagram, please follow Mankofit! She’s incredibly fit, and she’s always posting something motivational (whether it’s recipes, workout photos, or inspirational quotes). Here is something she posted this week that really gave me some hope (especially when you see how she looks now):





Okay. That’s it for this update. I will say that all this working out makes me want to eat better. I definitely don’t want all this labor to be in vain (reminds me of that Clark Sisters’ song), so I’m going to start working on my eating patterns/mentality. Also, Abei has been giving me a lot of info, so I’m going to do some posts on all the information I’ve learned soon. **G.I.G.**

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