Sep 9, 2012

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Legacy & Inspiration





25th Anniversary


Happy Grandparents’ Day! I know it’s not a widely celebrated holiday, but, since today is the last day of “Legacy Week,” I thought it would only be fitting to recognize it.  Above are photographs of my grandparents. The top picture is a photo of my mom’s parents on a date (I think it’s so cute how my grandma had her hand on his leg Red heart). And, the bottom photo is a picture of my dad’s parents on their 25th wedding anniversary (they renewed their vows that day). They’ve been married for a total of 59 years (and counting). That’s almost unheard of these days, but I’m so glad I have them to look to as a shining example that a marriage can have longevity.


In honor of my grandparents, here’s another awesome poem by T.A. Acker entitled, “Legacy & Inspiration”:


I am convinced

that I will never be prepared to receive

the torch,

the baton,

the high-five,

the handshake,

or the legacy

by solely admiring greatness

through my eyes of wonder.

I must first understand

the struggle,

the sacrifice,

the rejection,

the determination,

and the inspiration needed

to be as great (or possibly greater than)

those individuals who, in this lifetime,

may never realize that they have

taught me so much.

T.A. Acker ©2012


Such a powerful poem!! It definitely put me in the mind of my grandparents’ 59 year marriage. I’m sure it took a lot of “struggle, sacrifice, rejection, determination, AND inspiration” to remain together that long. If you loved this poem as much as I did, please check out T.A. Acker’s website to purchase a copy of the book it’s published in, “The Maturity Factor II: Moments & Mindsets.”  This book also includes “Today,” “Is That Your Name?,” and “Greatness: Passed Down.”

Well, that’s it for “Legacy Week.” I hope you guys liked taking a look into my heritage & memories through old photographs and stories. I worked extra hard this week to make sure I had something on the blog everyday for you guys to feast your eyes on. You know I’m only used to doing like 3 posts a week, right? LoL! But, I thoroughly enjoyed doing these posts; I had so much fun!!…Starting Monday it will be blogging as usual. **G.I.G.**

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