Sep 4, 2012

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Greatness: Passed Down



(My granddaddy w/ my aunt right before walking her down the aisle)


To go along with this week’s theme, “Legacy,” here’s an poem from T.A. Acker’s book, “The Maturity Factor II: Moments & Mindsets.”…This poem perfectly describes my granddadday, and I’m sure some people you know. Enjoy!


From the eyes of many,

he is a great man.

Great at learning,

great at teaching,

great at being himself,

great at loving others,

great at humility.

Great at giving,

great at building,

great at growing,

great at sowing,

great at sacrificing.

Great at pushing past fatigue,

great at walking through a field of dreams,

great at making goals,

great at reaching souls,

great at praying,

great at saying words to encourage others to

become great themselves.

Why is he so great?

It is because of what they may not know,

but may possibly witness.

It is because he told himself long ago

that his “great-grands”, “great-great grands”

and “greats” after them,

should have someone strong,

someone beautiful,

someone positive

from whom greatness can be measured.

T.A. Acker © 2012

P.S. – If you enjoyed this poem, definitely purchase the book. It also includes “Today” and “Is That Your Name?” Visit T.A. Acker’s website to purchase a copy! **G.I.G.**

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  • T. A. Acker

    I am glad that you had a living example through which that poem was personified. Thank you for posting it!

    • fruitofmybranches

      No problem! It’s a great poem :-)