Sep 19, 2012

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Good News Journal – Entry 4



My pastor said something Sunday that stuck with me. She said, “Our job is to catch the fish, not clean them.” In Mark 1:17, Jesus said we should be fishers of men. In other words, Christians are supposed to be the “bait” that attracts others to Christ. We’re supposed to be living such an awesome life that others want to be “hooked” on what we have (i.e. Jesus). With that being said, don’t worry your pretty little head over the “cleaning” part. You just need to be concerned with being “attractive.”

Cleaning the sin out of a newcomer’s life is not our focus/job; God will take care of that. When you think about it, what caused you to change after meeting Christ: Was it as a result of someone pointing out all the things you did wrong & insisting you change? Or, was it a result of spending time with God and getting to know Him for yourself? For me, it was the latter. Once I truly got to know God, I began to want to be like Him, and I became less interested in things that displeased Him.

…Trust God to change the person. You just bring them in. **G.I.G.**

P.S. – A group of people from my church (including our senior pastor & my aunt) are currently on a missions trip in Ghana. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray for their safety, and, most importantly, pray that they are presented with several opportunities to share the Good News. Here are some pics (I’ll have more info when they get back):












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  • Jae

    Wonderful post! I needed to read this. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to “clean the fish” when it’s truly not our job. What a great reminder. Thanks! 8-)

    • fruitofmybranches

      You’re so right! It’s easy to get caught up with trying to “clean the fish.” It was a great reminder for me as well. That’s why I had to share it! ;-)