Sep 14, 2012

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From Dress to Romper


The Dress


This style post is a little different. I want to encourage you not to accept things the way they look right now. You’ve gotta have vision…even when it comes to fashion. Above is a photograph of a dress I bought last year because I loved the print. Unfortunately, the dress was shorter than I liked, so it sat in my closet unoccupied for months. I actually considered getting rid of it. Then, I had an idea. Why not turn it into a romper? So, I took it to my seamstress (A. V. Foster: 917-881-4947/She’s in Savannah), and this was the outcome:


Jacket 3-Pack



I know turning it into a romper didn’t change the length, but I prefer a romper over a short dress because there’s more coverage (i.e. you’re less likely to experience unwanted exposure. LoL)





Since I could no longer pull it over my head and the opening wasn’t wide enough for me to step into, I had Audrey (my seamstress) add a zipper.





Had to do a close-up of the earrings. They’re one of my favorites. My friend, Dannie, made them. She also made the 7up earrings I wore in the Faith Defined video. If you like to see more of her jewelry click here.



…so, when l life throws you a short dress, make a romper! LoL **G.I.G.**



P.S. – I’m thinking about converting some more dresses. I’ll post pics when I do!

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