Aug 3, 2012

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Meditate To Renew



One thing I realized after accepting Jesus was I didn’t change overnight. Unfortunately, when I looked at my hands, they weren’t new, and, when I looked at my feet, they weren’t new either. LoL! No, I had the same body, and the same mind. The only thing that was brand new was my spirit. So, from that day forward it was my job to get my mind and body in line with my spirit, which was now hooked up with Jesus.


You’re probably thinking, “That sounds easy enough…Now, how do I get my mind & body in line with my spirit?” Answer: You’ve got to renew your mind (Romans 12:2), because how you think will affect everything you do (and your body). You renew your mind by meditating on the Word. Joshua 1:8 tells us to meditate on the Word day and night in order to make our life successful.


Who has time to meditate on the Word day AND night? Believe it or not, you do! And, I’m going to give you a prime example. But, first, let me define meditate. Meditate means to reflect deeply on a subject.


Example: Maybe this is just me, but when I begin to become interested in someone it all starts with a thought. Something like, “Oh, he’s cute.” Then, I think some more. Then, I start to mention the person to my friends (just so I can talk about him). Then, next thing you know, I’m thinking about that person frequently throughout the day.


It all starts in the mind, if you don’t allow yourself to think about a person/entertain the thought, the initial feelings of interest won’t develop or grow. Likewise, if you don’t allow yourself to think on the Word your mind won’t be renewed to line up with your spirit. Just like you think about someone when you’re interested in them, find a scripture, memorize it, and think about it throughout the day. After a while, it will become so real on the inside of you that you’ll begin to tell others about it (just so you can talk about it). And, you know how when you really like someone, you like to look at their pictures? Well, when you really start to meditate on the Word, you’ll desire to look in the Word for more scriptures to meditate on.


The more you meditate on the Word and spend time in the Word, the more it changes your mind. It’s kind of like how a person who’s “just a friend” can become a person you’re “interested in” just by thinking about them and spending time with them. Selah. **G.I.G.**


P.S.  – Perfect song!! Gotta love Stevie ;-)

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  • Blessedlife2

    Once again, your insight is a blessing, thank you.

    • fruitofmybranches

      All I can say is God is awesome!!! At times, He is my words…:-)