Aug 24, 2012

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Camp Decision 2012



Imagine being in an auditorium surrounded by 1,200 people, and everyone’s worshipping God. Hands raised. Voices lifted. Tears flowing. What an awesome atmosphere!



Then, you look at the faces and realize you’re surrounded by teenagers! Fortunately, this wasn’t a figment of my imagination. No, this was a real life encounter at “Camp Decision.”





I went to “Camp” with my church as one of the youth leaders. And, although my church has been going for years, this was my first time. Subsequently, I didn’t know what to expect. And, to be honest, that week at Camp was beyond anything I imagined…I was “strictly” there to support the kids, but I almost felt like a parent who took their child to a theme park & actually ended up enjoying the experience themself! There was prayer in the mornings, games in the afternoons, and two services (a.m. & p.m.) where the kids (& us adults) were fed the Word…



…and, don’t even get me started on the worship!



The worship services were overwhelming (in a good way). We sang words to God like, “Empty me of anything that’s not like You.” We had our hands outstretched, and our hearts wide open. His presence during the worship was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I guess it’s because I’ve never been in an environment like that; an environment where there’s hundreds of young people calling out to God…



…that alone was enough to drive me to tears (in addition to God’s beautiful presence). As an adult, when you see something like that, you can’t help but get choked up because you realize they are embarking on something that took many of us years to encounter (being sold out to God). And, you realize they’re so blessed to experience a real relationship with God at such an early age.





And, the praise & worship was not bound to the walls of the auditorium. I witnessed this while walking up to the cafeteria one day…This is what they chose to do during their “free time.” I was in awe…



2012’s theme was “Rock Solid.”


















There were a lot of “superheroes” in attendance!



Yep, that’s me! LoL Open-mouthed smile


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Camp. I went to serve others, and ended up receiving much more in return. Just knowing so many lives were changed…the experience was priceless! **G.I.G.**



P.S. – Check out the highlights video!

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