Aug 16, 2012

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Behind The Scenes: Plaid To The Bone




Hi guys! I had so much fun doing the pics from yesterday’s post, “Plaid To The Bone.” So I decided to do a “Behind The Scenes” post to show you guys what all went into it.


First, let me say I have a “colorful imagination” and I envisioned everything in my head before executing it. I always tell God that I love the personality He gave me, because no matter what I’m going through I can always, always find something to laugh about…Although the “Plaid To The Bone” post seemed silly, I just wanted to share the joy/silliness on the inside of me. I hope it brought joy to someone’s day.


I did a lot of “arts & crafts” for this photo shoot…


I made the  shorts. If you haven’t already read it, definitely check out my “DIY Cutoff Shorts” post for step by step directions on how I did it.





The “cigarettes” were straws wrapped in white labels. And, I covered an old cigarette box that I got from my co-worker in the white labels too…When I was little, my brother and I use to blow bubbles with straws & dish detergent (that’s where this idea came from).




Shoe Laces

Regarding my shoes, I ideally wanted to buy some new Chucks. The ones I wanted are all black, but instead I spent about $2 on black laces and worked with the shoes I already had. Changing the laces made a big difference and it was way cheaper!


Now, let’s talk about Rocky…


Rocky is a actually my Granny’s dog. She’s had him for years!…and, to be honest, I don’t think she knows I call him Rocky.


Hair & Makeup…


I love this hairstyle. I’m definitely going to do it again. I basically did my “wash-n-go” routine, but, instead of leaving all my hair out, I pinned up the hair in the back (and, I did slick back a small portion on the sides). Then, I tied the bandana on the back half of my head. I’ll do a post next week to show you how I do my “wash-n-go.” Here’s a video (by one of my favorite YouTubers) on how to tie a bandana and/or scarf:


My make up was really simple (because I’m an amateur! LoL). I just did a wing tipped eyeliner on my lids, lined my lower lashline, and topped it off w/ red lipstick (my favorite)…



…and, I added false lashes to open up my eyes more and give them a more dramatic look. I already have long lashes, but they’re really fine so this is a lovely addition for special occasions. Oh, and I like to stick with the thinner lashes, because they look more natural on me.




Here’s a close-up of my tattoo…got it from Toys-R-Us Smile


Last, but not least, here are some blooper pics…


 I was laughing so hard! Because, I had my brother next me blowing bubbles, while I was blow bubbles through a straw (trying to act like it was a cigarette) & we were trying to sync! Not to mention, we were in downtown Savannah on a busy corner. And, in addition to the pedestrians, three trolley buses (filled w/ passengers) passed by us. I’m sure we made quite the impression on the tourists! We got all kinds of looks! LoL!



 …all I could do was laugh!



 …and laugh some more!



 Then, the silly string didn’t want to act right!



This is me realizing I sprayed too much silly string, and now I had to pick it all up. And, Rocky wasn’t much help! LoL!


Fun times!!! I definitely want to give a shout out to my brother. He’s always there for me no matter what, even if it means embarrassing himself on the corner of Jefferson and York! I’d also like to thank Alberto for taking such awesome pictures whilst my brother and I made fools of ourselves (all for a good cause, though).  I hope everyone enjoyed this “Behind The Scenes” post, and I’ll do more in the future because there’s always laughs and a story behind my photo shoots. **G.I.G.**

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  • Michaele

    I love this photo shoot! haha you made my day with this especially the line about your grandma maybe not knowing that you named her stuffed dog Rocky! bahaha

    • fruitofmybranches