Aug 22, 2012

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3 Ways To Wash-N-Go




The most popular hair question I get is “What do you use in your hair?” Subsequently, this post is long overdo. But, the good news is because I took so long to write this post, now I have not one,  not two, but three different ways to wash-n-go. And, for those who aren’t familiar with natural hair lingo, wash-n-go basically means you wash your hair, apply a couple products & then you’re out the door. It’s not the typical ‘do that requires styling (such as twists, braids, rollers,…etc). Your natural curl pattern is the style. Just as simple as that.


Disclaimer: The products I use DO NOT create curls. They just help define your natural curl pattern.


Big & Fluffy Wash-N-Go



Products: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner & any oil of your preference. I like Safflower Oil.


1)  Drench hair with water. Add Tresemme to hair section by section (I wash my hair in four sections). Make sure you detangle your hair after the conditioner is applied (the conditioner will make it easier to detangle, because the lubricant/moisturizers add a “slip” to your hair, which helps your fingers or comb glide through it).

2) Leave Tresemme in your hair. Do not rinse out.

3) Coat hair with oil (this is considered “sealing.” Afro-textured hair is naturally on the dry side due to the structure of the strands, so it’s important to retain moisture. Sealing helps to lock in moisture).


Here are some pics of this wash-n-go:



Since there’s no heavy products in this routine (besides the oil, but it’s not too weighty), I achieve a bigger look. Granted there is more frizz, but my curls are still defined.


Big Yet Controlled Wash-N-Go



Products: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner & Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream (it’s reg. price $21; it was marked down to $10.49; & I got it for about $7 on clearance! Yay!)


1)  Drench hair with water. Add Tresemme to hair section by section & detangle.

2)  Rinse out Tresemme conditioner

3)  Coat hair with Kinky Curling Cream. NOTE: This product contains mineral oil, so I don’t do this routine often. Reason: I don’t use shampoos in my hair (I use conditioners to cleanse my hair – I’ll do a separate post on why), and mineral oil can cause product build-up if you don’t use some sort of shampoo (sulfate or sulfate-free). Click here for more info on mineral oil & natural hair.


Here are some pics of this wash-n-go:



With this wash-n-go I still get the “big hair” look, but I have more control over how it turns out. Reason: The Kinky Curling Cream is more weighty/weights my hair down more, so I have the option of having a more subdued look but I can still fluff it for a bigger look.


“Anyway You Want It” Wash-N-Go (My Favorite)



Products: Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner (the bottle refers to it as a “leave-in moisturizer” & if you read the back label it says it “Helps balance moisture, prevent dryness and improve texture. And here’s the secret surprise: it moisturizes skin, too”), and the last item is Eco Styler Gel (w/ Protein) – this gel is a level 8, so if you want a stronger hold you can try a Eco Styler that’s a level 10.


1) Drench hair with water. Add Tresemme to hair section by section & detangle.

2) Rinse out Tresemme conditioner

3) Apply Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner. NOTE: This product does contain parabens. So, if you’re funny about parabens, you might want to use another leave-in.

3) Coat hair with Eco Styler.


Here’s a video (by one of my favorite YouTubers) that shows you how to do this wash-n-go step by step:



And, here are some pics of my results:






This wash-n-go is my personal favorite (so far), because I get amazing curl definition & less frizz, but I can still have big hair. The gel clumps my curls together, so if I want a bigger hair I just separate the curls & fluff (top 2 pics). And, if I want a more toned down look, then I leave them as-is, clumped together (photo right above text).


Those are my wash-n-go routines. I believe I covered everything. But, If you have any questions just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below. **G.I.G.**


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