Jul 25, 2012

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Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire



Today’s Proverbs Verse: Words spoken at the right time are like gold apples in a silver setting. (Proverbs 25:11 CEB)


I was so excited about this post. Wanna know why? The main items I’m wearing in these photos are brand-spanking-new, and I did some research for you guys. Yes, if you like what I have on, I found the links so you can purchase the items online! This is exciting, because I’m the kind of person that will assertively ask, “Where did you get that?” if I see someone wearing a cute outfit. Since I know how it feels to fall in love with something someone else is wearing only to be disappointed because you can’t find it, this post is for you. Now that I’ve shared all the excitement, let’s get started!



I’m wearing a “red” Cut-Out Button Back High-Low Top. That was a mouthful! I put red in quotation marks because that’s what the tag said, but it looks more orange to me. But, if I could make up a color, I would say it’s Ruby Orange Smile



If you like the shirt I’m wearing, click here to purchase it.



On to the shoes! Over the years, I have grown to love leopard-print, and these babies were irresistible! They were my favorite print, they had a high heel, AND they were on sale. I purchased these shoes from Target for $14.98. Unfortunately, they’re regular price ($29.99) online, so check your local Target first. Click here if you’d like to buy them online. (Note: leopard-print is labeled as the “fashion” color)



Quick Commercial Break: I’m so loving my natural hair!…



…I feel like my hair added an edgy yet classy appeal to this outfit.



Okay. Back to the program already in progress. LoL!…The last item I purchased was the Emerald color Teardrop Cluster Bracelet. I simply adore bold, rich colors, and I thought this bracelet would go perfect with the blouse…



…If you like the bracelet, click here.



Blouse & Bracelet: Forever 21 / Pumps & Earrings: Target /  Jeans: GAP / Purse: Granny-Downs / Sunglasses: Francesca’s


Well, that’s the outfit I wore Sunday. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m going to do more “Wow Style” posts like this where I provide store links whenever I purchase new items…Oh, and here’s the last element from the post’s title:


Meet Sapphire (she has blue eyes). This cutie belongs to my mom. Sapphire is a “little” prissy, but she’s a sweetheart. **G.I.G.**

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