Jun 11, 2012

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Today’s Motivation Monday post is a poem from T. A. Acker’s third book, “Maturity Factor II: Moments & Mindsets.” This piece is entitled, “Today.” Enjoy!


Today will be the day.

I will not change my mind

from the first instinct that allows me

to think that I can accomplish

even the most difficult tasks.

That was yesterday.

Today will be the day.

Your words of negativity

will no longer be the reason I cry,

give up, wave the white flag,

or simply remain in the same spot


That was last year.

Today is a new day,

so I advise you to either show me

a solution or become your own problem.

Take this in love,

but also take my resignation to the

occupation of being the person you can

easily tear down or beat up.

Today will be the day – when your rights

are renounced and your power relinquished.

Oh yes, today is that day,

and every other one that ends in “y.”

I will leave you in your position,

asking “why?” and “how?”

Today is the day when higher self-esteem

has added a new member to its organization.

Today is the day I will not just accept my

situation, but pray and strive for a way

to rise above it, drive past it, run through it,

and build again.

Today, today, today…

what a wonderful feeling to have upon

waking up.

T.A. Acker © 2012


[Today] is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24 **G.I.G.** 


P.S. – If you liked this poem, please check out T. A. Acker’s website. And, definitely purchase his book, “Maturity Factor II: Moments & Mindsets;” it’s overflowing with remarkable poetry!

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