Jun 23, 2012

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I’m So Legit




I definitely did not plan on doing two “WoW Style” posts this week, but I had to because I was so proud of myself! I wanted to photograph the outfit I wore today, but I didn’t have anyone to take the pics for me. So, I took the pictures myself. Yep! I setup my tripod and I used my camera’s timer. After I saw the results, I felt so legit! LoL! Here’s a few of the pics:


This was one of the first pics I took…got to get closer Smile



Okay. A little better…



There we go!





Love this pic!





Jeans & Tank: GAP / Jacket: Forever21 / Shoes: Converse / Earrings: Claire’s / Ring: Charlotte Russe / Purse & Bracelets were gifts


Today was an awesome day. I had lunch with a friend, and then went to the movies with a couple friends to see “Brave.” Great movie!! But, the highlight of my day was when I walked into the restrooms at the theater. A little girl greeted me, a perfect stranger, with the biggest smile, and said, “I’m so excited!!” Then, she told me she was going to see “Brave,” and I smiled really big and said “Me too!” It was like I met my kindred spirit! LoL! She was so cute! **G.I.G.**


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