Jun 14, 2012

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Hairstyles Up Until Now


Fav Style


The end of this month will make 6 months since I big chopped (cut off my chemically processed hair). My, how time flies! It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. Any who, I’ve compiled some pictures of the hairstyles I’ve worn up until now. I didn’t take a picture of every hairstyle, but here are a lot of them:




Pics taken 2/15/12: My hair wasn’t very long, so I flat twisted my hair on the sides to get a “sleek” look. I did a bun in the back.




Pics taken 2/7/12



Pics taken 5/9/12 & 5/12/12


Twists & Puff


This pic was taken on 2/10/12 (I remember because I was headed to the movies to see “Safe House”). I was going to twist the entire back, but, after I finished one side, I thought the asymmetrical look was cute! Also, I did some finger-coiling (took pieces of hair & wrapped it around my finger so it would coil/curl), because that was before I learned how to define me curls.



And, here I am the next day at my sister’s bridal shower. The hairstyle held up pretty good overnight. (photographed w/ my friend, Camille)



Pics taken 2/22/12: This hairstyle made me feel like a little kid! LoL Smile




Pics taken 1/17/12



Pics taken 4/21/12: I’ve twisted my hair a lot since going natural, but this was the first time I used a blow dryer to stretch the hair in the back. I did that so my hair would hang longer. Otherwise, my skrinkage would’ve made the twists appear shorter. Tip: When blow drying, do not make it too straight or the twists won’t hold. I learned that the hard way, so I had to re-wet my ends so the twists wouldn’t unravel (I forgot how straight a blow dryer can get your hair; haven’t used one in a while).



Pics taken 4/28/12: This is my favorite style to date, and it wasn’t even intentional. I was trying to do another style, and this was the end result. This was the day I went to the natural hair show in Atlanta…I wanted my hair to look extra fancy Smile



Here’s a close up of the side & back



Pics taken 4/29/12: This is the style I wore after unraveling the previous hairstyle. I guess you can call it “leftovers.”




Pics taken 3/3/12 (my sister’s wedding): This was my first time getting extensions, and I liked it! The only thing is I’m a bit tender-headed so my scalp was really sore after taking out the tracks.


Simple Styles With Accessories


Pics taken 2/20/12: Look familiar? This was the day I recorded the blog’s intro video…Love scarfs!



Pics taken 2/25/12



Pics taken 6/11/12


Wash & Go

If you look at the dates, you can definitely see how my hair has grown…If you can see past the massive shrinkage (LoL)


Pics taken 2/4/12



Pics taken 2/16/12



Pics taken 3/31/12



Pics taken 6/10/12: The photo on the right is a picture from an upcoming “WoW Style” post, so stay tuned.


Okay. Well, that’s it for now. I’ll definitely be doing more styles in the future. I really want to try “twist-outs.” I’ll post more pics as I style. **G.I.G.**

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  • Jae

    Do you have tutorials on any of these?

    • fruitofmybranches

      Not yet. I’m just getting the hang of recording videos, but I will be doing some hair tutorials soon ;-)

  • Cute hairstyles! 

    • fruitofmybranches

      Thanks!! :-)