May 16, 2012

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Why I Went Natural




Why Natural


“Going Natural” means to stop using chemicals (i.e. relaxers and/or texturizers) that alter your hair’s natural structure. Such chemicals loosen the hair’s curl pattern. Thus, making it appear more straight and/or makes the hair easier to straighten & keep straight. The first step in going natural is to stop using the strong chemicals. Next, in order to be considered completely natural, you have to cut off all the chemically processed hair. This can be done one of two ways: 1) chop all your hair off at the root (“big chop”), or 2) transition, which means to grow out your virgin roots until it gets to a length you’re comfortable with and then cut off the chemically processed hair on the ends (this is the route I took).


Let me start off with “why I did not want to go natural.” Reason #1: I felt as though I would not be able to manage my hair in its natural state. I mean, I had a hard enough time trying to master the straight look, so why in the world would I “complicate” things and go natural? Reason #2: I wasn’t sure if natural hair would look good on me. It looked great on other people (I’ve always admired women w/ natural hair), but me? I wasn’t sure about that. I liked the way I looked with straight hair, so “why mess up a good thing?” Reason #3: I was under the impression that men didn’t like natural hair, and, since I like men, I thought that was important (LoL).

So, why did I go natural? Here are the main reasons:


#1: My Sister


Jessica has been natural for about 8 years. She’s always worn her natural hair with pride, which makes her all the more beautiful. In addition to how she carries herself, Jess encouraged me to go natural for years. Although she thought I’d never go natural, every time she suggested it, she planted a seed.


#2: Relaxers Made My Hair Thin



After years of relaxing my hair, it wasn’t as thick as it was when I was a child (my mom would always tell me that). Also, my strands are fine, and it got to the point where I couldn’t use moisturizers on my hair or else it would look really stringy. I hated that! And, although I loved long hair, the longer it got, the thinner my ends looked. I wanted my hair to be full and thick, but the only time it looked full was when I cut it. Subsequently, I kept my hair cut in a bob for 3 years (I did grow to love my short haircuts, though).


Reason #3: “Good Hair,” The Movie

Good Hair


Even though this movie was somewhat controversial, there were some really good scenes in the movie that made me think. “Good Hair” made me question whether or not using relaxers was really worth exposing my hair and scalp to harmful chemicals. Although I didn’t decide to go natural the very next day after seeing the movie, the information I learned stuck with me.




One of the styles I did 7mos into my transition (no heat – Curlformers)


Straightened my hair 9mos into my transition

To be honest, when I decided to go natural, it was after I met a woman who was completely natural, but kept her hair straightened. Her hair was so straight that I thought she used relaxers. So, when I found out she could get her hair bone straight while being natural, I had a light bulb moment. My Thought Process: “Do you mean to tell me I can be natural (free from harsh chemicals), have thick hair, AND keep it straight? I can have my cake and eat it too?! ” I WAS SOLD! The funny part is as I transitioned and my natural texture revealed itself, I started to fall in love with my hair’s natural pattern. I no longer have a strong desire to straighten my hair, but it’s good to know I have the option to do so if I want to. Honestly, I’m able to do more styles with my hair now that I’m natural (even during my transition period, as you can see) than I ever did when my hair was relaxed. Go figure!





In conclusion, all the preconceived ideas I had about natural hair turned out to be misconceptions. First, I thought I wouldn’t be able to manage it: Thanks to YouTube and hair blogs I’ve learned so much about natural hair. And, I don’t just “manage it;” being natural allows me to be more creative with my hair. Secondly, I thought natural hair wouldn’t look good on me: I love the way my natural hair looks on me.  Actually, I think it makes me look unique. Also, it makes me feel more beautiful, because I don’t feel the need to alter my hair – I’m beautiful “as-is.” Last but (definitely) not least, I thought men didn’t like natural hair: Thankfully, I was so wrong. I’ve received several compliments from guys on my hair…Feels good to be natural! **G.I.G.**

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  • Rikki

    how can you have your hair bone straight with out a relaxer??

    I’ve been natural for 12 years and have not found this solution, however I am in a very humid are i dont know if this is a factor…

    • fruitofmybranches

      Hi Rikki! Yes, humidity has a lot to do with it, but I interviewed a friend last month who’s been natural all her life and wears her hair straight. She gets her hair so straight that for the longest I assumed that she relaxed her hair. I’m going the post the article this week so you can read her routine. P.S. – I believe “heat training” has a lot to do with it too. After straighten natural hair so much, the curl pattern begins to loosen, which makes it easier to straighten and stay in its straighten state. Some people would consider that “heat damage,” but if you’re a natural who primarily wants to wear your hair straight, it’s ideal. Read up on heat training and also heat damage :-)

  • Trecie

    Yes hon….. going natural the best decision I have ever made concerning my hair….I told you it would be liberating…..:) ..BTY…. LOVE U and the blog….smooches and hugs

    • fruitofmybranches

      Yes, it’s very liberating!! Thanks, Trecie!! Love you too!!! :-)

  • Jessica

    What a wise choice you made in transitioning. Your hair is ofcourse fuller, thicker, and might I add cuter (well I mean it was before, but…anywho,you got me). Congrats and Welcome you fit right in. . . BEAUTIFULLY!

  • Uncle Richard

    The natural look is absolutely beautiful and your posts are wonderful to read. Stay natural……stay beautiful and keep writing!!!!!

    • Thanks, Uncle Richard!! I’m so glad you like the blog/posts…it really means a lot :)

  • Michaele

    Keep it up beautiful!! I love your posts and I love your hair natural!! You are awesome and I am loving the blog I know that it is going to change lives and bring glory to God! You are zee coolest. Have an awesome day!!