May 20, 2012

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Style Meets Last Resort




‘Twas the Friday before Easter, and all through the town the stores were packed, especially the mall…True Story: That Friday evening after work, I’d planned on going shopping for my Easter outfit, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because the parking lots were ridiculous! So, I drove home instead to try to find something in my closet. I have cute clothes, but there’s something about wearing a new outfit for Easter (I can’t explain it). Anyway, everything I tried on just didn’t look right. But, I knew I had to find something in my closet, because I definitely wasn’t going to fight my way through the masses on the Saturday before Easter. Finally, I looked in my hallway closet where I keep some of my “Granny-Downs,” and this is what I found:

3 Piece Suit

3-piece denim set/suit (4 sizes too big)


I had to do a close-up to really show the studded trim (LoL)


Green suit, which came with built-in shoulder pads, an attached shell/camisole, and a flower clasp.

I saw potential in the garments, especially the second one; I loved that shade of green. But, instead of wearing one of the suits “as is,” I mixed ‘n’ matched (and accessorized):

Check It Out2 I paired the denim shell with the green skirt. And, since I love Leopard print with bright colors, I wore my printed pumps.


I decided to wear gold & earth-tone accessories. And, since the top was too big & I didn’t have time to take it to a seamstress, I belted it.

I already had everything I wore, which meant I didn’t have to spend a penny. And, I received a ton of compliments that Sunday (if Granny knew, she would’ve been proud). Feels good to “work with what you got” (WWWYG)…Stay tuned: I took some of these items to my seamstress, so I’ll be doing a follow-up post in a few weeks to show you the “revisions.” **G.I.G.**

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