May 13, 2012

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My Mama



Mom & I (shortly after I was born).

Growing up a child of Cheryl wasn’t always easy. There were a lot of rules and regulations. The “fun” things I saw other kids my age do was out of the question for me.



Mom & my brother in the church yard.


She made my brother and me go to church for every Sunday service, every bible study, and every revival, and if she ever saw one of us sitting down during praise and worship she would give you this look like “have you lost your mind?!”


Olan Mills

Some of her favorite phases were, “Cause I said so,” “Who do you think you talking to?!” (Warning: this is a rhetorical question, but if you do answer say “nobody” – found that out the hard way! LoL!), and “Tears don’t move me.” And, if you ever responded to her with “what?” or “huh?” she would abruptly say, “Excuse me?!,” which meant you’re supposed to address her as “ma’am.” Oh, oh, and you bet not let a cuss word come out of your mouth…See what I’m talking about! It wasn’t easy! (LoL)


Mama & me

As a child, although I didn’t agree with her strict rules, I never told my mother that I hated her, because I knew that wasn’t true. Instead, I told her I would NEVER raise my children the way she raised me. That comment is almost unbearably funny now. Because, now that I’m an adult I see myself becoming more and more like my mother, and looking back I cherish the way she raised me. Her discipline molded me into the person I am today. Telling me “Cause I said so” taught me to respect other’s decisions; “Who do you think you talking to?” taught me to respect those in authority; and “Tears don’t move me,” taught me not to manipulate others with my emotions/tears.


Christmas 91 or 92

One of the best lessons she taught me was how to laugh. Subsequently, regardless of whether or not things are going good or bad, my life is always jolly.

her wedding day

And, the best gift she ever gave was when she introduced me to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because she ensured I was in church every week, now no one has to make me attend church. I go voluntarily because I’ve developed a relationship with God over the years (and I want more of Him). Because she made me stand during praise & worship, now I always stand (and raise my hands) to reverence His presence…

My mama is my best friend, my confidant, my wise counsel, my laughing buddy, my role model, and my heart. God truly blessed me when He assigned her to be my mother. I love you with all my heart, Mama! Happy Mother’s Day! **G.I.G.**

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  • Karengrhm6

    she is a beautiful person and so are you.

    • fruitofmybranches

      Thank you!! :-)

  • T.A. Acker

    Beautiful tribute to your mother! She definitely trained in the way you should go. You didn’t depart. As we mature into adulthood, we start to develop the senses that our parents have (the ones we thought were so horrible to us as children). I can recall some of the rhetorical questions myself LOL. Great post!