May 25, 2012

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Just My Type



Prior to starting my natural hair journey, I thought each person had one uniform hair type. I mean, there’s no such thing as having multiple types on one head, right? WRONG! During my transitioning period, I started to sense that I had more than one type, but upon going natural it became an obvious reality. I have at least 3 different hair types on my head. And, it’s like having 3 children with 3 different personalities; you can’t treat them exactly the same…

So, where do I start? Let’s start w/ the hair in the back, towards the bottom. Have you ever opened up an ink pen that has a push top? Inside those pins are tiny metal springs. Well, that’s what those curls remind me of. They’re tiny, and they form really tight coils.




Go a little further up, and the curls are still tight, but they’re slightly bigger and looser than the ones toward the bottom.





On to the big curls. The curls around the crown and top of my head are super loose in comparison to the others. They almost form an  “S” shape (“S”curls), and some of them don’t really curl much at all. They’re more on the wavy side. Given the characteristics, I would say those curls are a mixture of “3b & 3c.”

Completely different from the other curls


“S” Curls 


Wavy strands (not heat damaged)


Lastly, there’s this one section in the front that sticks out like a sore thumb. It looks nothing like the rest of my hair. If it were a child, I would take it to get a paternity test! But, since that’s how it grows from my scalp, I know it’s “my baby.” LoL!…Anyway,  it doesn’t curl and it’s not wavy. It’s just a mass of frizz that forms tiny curls on the ends.


This is the hair damp


See the curls on the ends


When left to its own devices, this is what happens. Hilarious! (Love it)


I undoubtedly have the most random curls. They range from tight, spiral coils to helium-laced frizz!  Although my hair is assorted like a bag of Chex Mix, I would say the majority is coily & type 4a…God definitely was creative when He designed my hair Red heart **G.I.G.**

Curls On Average

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